RONALD W. HORTON - All Guttering

Nay, my broogles and siskals, it is not so ungrandlike as to be: Ronald W. Horton, The Third... or even Ronald W. Horton, The Second. Beleeve me little siskal, it is Ronald W. Horton, The First and Ronald W. Horton, The Last... all neetly rolled into wun.

If bed-ways be rightways, then alas, there are indeed moments of temporary yet breef disklosure for your humbel narrator wen a nymphet kums nocking, but perpetual moshun prevails even then. Of korse, the fire and the fury reside in the hands... in an unparalleled flurry of notes. Take note, little broogies... this is of korse my not so un-humbel, uninflated self-opinyun. Take not my word for it. Draw ur own konklusiveness.

I must pay tribute nonetheless to those who kompell me. Notwithstanding thou nor exkluding thee, most distinktive broogles and siskals, but... if not for my feerless droogs, who brave the elements to maintain an orderly disarray of diskontented wanderlust, i dare say i wood be self-eradikated if not self perpetuated. Alas, I digress. We shall leeve this not to imaginashuns... Peek me now, or procession to: Paul Winston Smith