Patrik Giggle Hardly - Fuzzy Warbler

We chanced upon him wun fine day in the middle of the nite wen out for a forest romp with 2 little siskals. We herd the merry melodee of a songburd bekoning us deeper in to the folds of our grassy enklaves. The chainsaw akompanyment set a deliteful tone in kounterpoint melody to the featherless drone whose fuzzy warbles sounded us on in like rekless abandonment.

So taken were we with these most joyus sounds, that we bid our young damsels a "fare thee well" and thereupon anointed Jimmy Patrik from our cheap gloopy bottle of stinking chip oil. It wuz no less than an epiphany of sorts, deer reeder. And if good things kometh to those who waiteth, then indeed good things kometh even qwiker for those who wandereth as they waiteth.

Peek himble now, or go wayward to: Marko